Badoo: Was It Hacked?

There were claims this week that popular dating site was hacked

Claims emerged this week that popular dating site Badoo had been hacked, and that a large number of user account information was being freely circulated on the web.

Motherboard reported that it had tested account data that it been supplied with and found that in a small test sample over fifty percent were active Badoo accounts. Continue reading

Once: a Dating App That’s a Little Different

The Once dating app is free and available for iPhone and Android

You may not have heard of Once, the dating app that launched in 2015, but if you are tired of using apps from any of the big players like Tinder you may want to give it a try.

What makes it different? Well, for a start, you only get one match a day. That’s right: with the Once app, less is more. No more scrolling through hundreds, if not thousands, of profiles of people you would not want to meet. Once makes it simple: each day at midday they will notify you of one match, and you have 24 hours to decide whether they are someone you may be interested in meeting. Continue reading

Tinder Goes After 3nder App

Tinder takes legal action against new dating app 3nder

Dating app giant Tinder is taking legal action against newcomer app 3nder for what it alleges is trademark infringement.

3nder is a dating app aimed at singles/couples looking for the threesome experience. It seems that Tinder is suggesting that the name 3nder is an unfair allusion to it’s own name and likely to cause confusion to users. Continue reading

Spammers Target Tinder Users

Tinder app users are being spammed to download a gameUsers of the hugely popular dating app Tinder are being increasingly targeted by spammers.

Members are receiving messages from fake accounts generated by software – or bots – that encourage them to download a game called “Castle Clash”.

At first the fake member initiates a chat with a generic greeting, then claims to be recovering from the previous night by relaxing with a game. However the genuine Tinder member responds, they receive another message with a download link and a vague promise of maybe getting a getting phone number if they download the game and play it with the fake profile.

Whoever is creating the spam is using a download link that begins with in an attempt to make the game appear to be endorsed by Tinder. Continue reading

Woman Tells of Online Dating Scam

I’ve just finished reading a disturbing – and very sad – story on written by an Australian woman who has lost six figures in an online dating scam.

The huge amount of money involved is shocking, and shows why an increasing number of scammers are using dating websites to find victims. This lady appears to be both intelligent and well educated, yet she was manipulated into paying out a large part of her savings to what was essentially a stranger. Continue reading

OkCupid Says Boycott Firefox

OkCupid Protests against new Firefox CEO

Members of the dating website will get a surprise when trying to access the site using the Firefox browser. Instead of reaching the homepage, they will see a message aimed asking them to boycott the popular browser.

It explains that the new CEO of Firefox, Brendan Eich, is a fervent opponent of gay marriage and that he supported the controversial Propostion 8 back in 2008 that aimed to outlaw same sex marriage in California. Continue reading

eHarmony Releases Windows Phone App

The eHarmony Windows Phone App allows you to sign up and use the popular dating serviceWith approximately 45% of their member registrations already being done via mobile devices, has just released an app for Windows Phone users.

The eHarmony app aims to make signing up for their dating service an easy process. Once a member, it’s now possible to create your profile and communicate with other members all through your phone.

Using the app you can receive your daily matches and contact any that you are interested in.

It’s also possible to check who has viewed your profile, who has recently updated their own, and use popular features like “What If” which allows members to find other singles who may be outside of their selected criteria, but may still be a good potential match.

Of course, the app allows you pay for your membership subsrciption as well: this can be done via Paypal or by credit card. Continue reading

Online Dating is Big Business is the biggest online dating site
We all know how popular online dating has become. Years back it had a stigma, and people who met a partner through websites like (one of the earliest) would often make up an alternative story of how they met.

Things have changed. A 2013 study by Pew Research of American adults showed that online dating has become mainstream. 11% of internet users surveyed said they have used a dating site and 59% said that they thought using these sites was a good way of meeting people. Continue reading