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Tinder Goes After 3nder App

Tinder takes legal action against new dating app 3nder

Dating app giant Tinder is taking legal action against newcomer app 3nder for what it alleges is trademark infringement.

3nder is a dating app aimed at singles/couples looking for the threesome experience. It seems that Tinder is suggesting that the name 3nder is an unfair allusion to it’s own name and likely to cause confusion to users. Continue reading

OkCupid Says Boycott Firefox

OkCupid Protests against new Firefox CEO

Members of the dating website will get a surprise when trying to access the site using the Firefox browser. Instead of reaching the homepage, they will see a message aimed asking them to boycott the popular browser.

It explains that the new CEO of Firefox, Brendan Eich, is a fervent opponent of gay marriage and that he supported the controversial Propostion 8 back in 2008 that aimed to outlaw same sex marriage in California. Continue reading