How to Create a Dating Profile

If you are going to join an online dating site, it’s important to understand that the quality of your profile will have a massive influence on how many responses you get and the suitability of the people who respond to you.

But don’t stress: we’re here to give you some tips on what to include and what not to include in your profile. Just taking these simple suggestions and using them will help you get a much better result and waste less time on people who aren’t suitable.

What NOT to Put in Your Dating Profile

But before we get started with what you should include, here we look at what you should leave out.

  • Personal information that can identify you. Obviously you wouldn’t include your surname, but you should also not disclose where you work or include any personal information like phone numbers or your facebook account.
  • Negativity. It sometimes amazes us how much negativity we see in profiles. Making the first couple of paragraphs a rant about how you are sick of cheaters or liars does not help you in any way. Especially when done in all-caps! Keep it positive. Instead, emphasize what you ARE looking for.
  • Guys: we recommend not adding a shirtless picture to your profile, even if you have a six-pack. We think the only real exception to this would be a photo of you surfing, or something along those lines.
  • Your children: if you have children, for a number of reasons (one of them extremely serious) do not include photographs of you with them on your profile. Crop them out or use a different picture.

Okay, let’s move on to look at what works best.

Creating a Successful Profile

It’s not rocket science, but following these simple tips will help you meet more people that are actually a good match and waste less time on those that aren’t.

  • Include at least one photograph. Profiles that don’t have any receive far fewer contacts. Make sure the photo is recent and isn’t taken from too far away. Smiles are always good: sometimes guys can get away with that slightly “broody” look, but we recommend your main picture is of you smiling.
  • If you are apprehensive about putting up your photos at first, some websites allow you to password protect them. This means that someone must request a password from you before they can see them. While this is better than no photograph at all, you will get more responses by just having a picture on public display.
  • Always be honest and represent yourself as you really are. This doesn’t just mean making sure things like your age and height are accurate, but also that your profile should reflect your personality.
  • Don’t be too brief. You don’t need to make your profile book-length, but putting up a bare-bones profile makes it look like you can’t be bothered or you are not really interested.
  • Include some details about things you like. The bands or type of music you listen to, movies, interests you may have like travel, sports, pets and so on. Many sites will let you select interests from broad categories, but putting in a bit of detail may make it easier for someone to find you if they search using that keyword.
  • Don’t be too generic. If you like “walks on the beach”, “laughing” and “a nice glass of red/cold beer” that’s fine but 90% of other profiles say the same thing, so try to make your profile stand out from the crowd.

Don’t worry yourself about getting it perfect though. You can always change it as you go along. Take a look at some of the profiles others of the same gender have up to give you ideas. And you can always ask a friend or relative for feedback. Good luck!

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