OkCupid Says Boycott Firefox

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OkCupid Protests against new Firefox CEO

Members of the dating website OkCupid.com will get a surprise when trying to access the site using the Firefox browser. Instead of reaching the homepage, they will see a message aimed asking them to boycott the popular browser.

It explains that the new CEO of Firefox, Brendan Eich, is a fervent opponent of gay marriage and that he supported the controversial Propostion 8 back in 2008 that aimed to outlaw same sex marriage in California.

The message goes on to point out that although OkCupid does not normally involve itself in political issues, the fact is that around 8% of the relationships developed through the site have been those of same sex couples.

The site is not, however, blocking Firefox users from logging in: there is a link that allows them to carry on without changing browser. They do link to other browsers like Chrome and Safari in the hope that members will show their disapproval of Mr Eich’s politics by ditching Firefox.

It’s an interesting move, and we admire OkCupid for making a stand on this issue. It will be interesting to see how long they continue this protest.

Internet Exploder OkCupid

It made us laugh that the message referred to Internet Explorer as “Internet Exploder” – a subtle dig by one of the site’s coders/developers at the notoriously badly written browser, no doubt : )

You can read more about the issue at CNN.

Update: as of April 3rd, Brendan Eich has resigned his position as COE of Mozilla. There is a post with a “FAQ” about the resignation on their blog. Interestingly, comments are closed. Move along, nothing to see here…

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