Tinder is hands down the most popular dating app on the market. The delightfully shallow basis of swiping right or left has people hooked! The simplicity and ease of Tinder is a major part of its allure. User profiles consist of full name, age, photos and a short profile statement. It is like real life with a plethora of possibilities. As a plus, you don’t have to engage in small talk (as you plan your escape) with someone you are not interested in just to be polite.

How to Set Up Your Tinder Profile

Setting up a Tinder profile is simple and quick making it perfect for those who do not have the time or patience for lengthy questionnaires. Users download the app, log into their Facebook account through the app, and then edit their Tinder profile. There is the option to add a short profile statement, you then select the photos you want on your profile and save your changes. That’s it! Although set up is pretty basic, put some thought into your profile. In other words, clean up your Facebook account because all that information will be accessible to your matches. This means deleting drunk photos, anything that makes you look creepy, regret worthy posts, and those desperately “sexy” selfies. Also, ensure that your age and location are visible as well as your interests and friends.

How Exactly Does Tinder Work?

Tinder analyzes the data on users’ Facebook profiles, including geographic location and interests, to make matches with others nearby. Once those matches are made, users can either swipe right if interested or swipe left to pass. When two individuals swipe right, they are able to chat and decide if they like each other enough to meet in person.

The Good

The fact that Tinder is a free application available on both Android and iOS is a huge plus. Most capabilities and features are available at no cost. This includes seeing available matches nearby, setting geographic perimeters, age perimeters, swiping left or right, using the super like feature, messaging, and easy access to customer service. Other standout aspects of the application are newness and interactivity. There are new matches every time you log on and people are very open about using Tinder so you can find matches when you are out with friends. This means you can go out for drinks and have a date later that night. Allowing users to see if they have mutual friends is excellent as well. Everyone who has met someone online is well aware of the hesitance that comes with it. Knowing that you are friends with some of the same people provides a level of comfort and eases those, “I’m about to meet a stranger” nerves.

The Bad

Tinder makes it very easy to find a date. That convenience is what draws people in and is also why many see Tinder as a hookup/casual dating app. Whether or not this is a con for you depends on what you’re looking for. Secondly, it is challenging to find a genuine match on Tinder since the app primarily focuses on appearance. Tinder also doesn’t take Facebook relationship status into account leaving room for cheaters to cheat. Additionally, Tinder disappoints in the filter department. There actually isn’t a filtering process in place outside of mutual attraction. Lastly, swiping is limited without a paid subscription. An upgrade is $9.99 per month for individuals under 30 and $19.99 per month for those 30 years of age and older.

Fun Features

Tinder has recently added new messaging features. Texting on the app was great originally but their team has made messaging more expressive by integrating GIFHY and displaying emojis in a larger format. Users can even like messages received by tapping the green heart next to the message. Tinder has a rewind and passport feature as well. The rewind feature allows you to go back and re-swipe if you made a mistake while the passport feature lets users change their location to different parts of the world. These two features come with a paid subscription.

Tinder Tips

Never initiate a conversation with, “Hi”.

What is this, middle school? You have to give him/her something to go on and even more importantly, avoid sounding like a nervous teenager.

Do not add a quote to your profile.

Cue the eye roll. Quotes have become a way for people to try to make themselves sound deep when they really end up coming across as disingenuous. If you can’t think of anything, leave your profile statement blank and come back to it later. Very few bother to read them anyway.

Don’t overdo the emojis.

Use your words most of the time and add emojis to give your messages some extra oomph.

Link your Instagram account.

This gives potential dates a peek into your life which gives them a better idea of who you are and how you live. That collection of photos tells a unique story and presents another way for users to connect with their matches.

Use the super like feature.

Super likes (swiping up) will get you more matches. Not only is the person you super liked more likely to swipe right on your picture but conversations often last longer resulting in more meaningful connections.


Overall, Tinder is on top for good reason. It does have its drawbacks but overall, the app delivers. Swipe away and have a good time.

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